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At Little Trinity Nursery we provide quality day care for children aged aged 2 - 5 years. The department is based within a wing of Holy Trinity School and Sixth Form Centre, and has an atmosphere which is both homely and colourful, offering a range of stimulating rooms for the children to explore and enjoy.

Our Vision

Children to be courageous and take risks, challenging themselves and each other.

Happy and confident children who love to learn.

Independent learners who are encouraged to plan and initiate their own activities promoting a natural development holistically.

Learn in a stimulating and secure environment which gives the opportunities to explore and experiment.

Develop a caring and sharing attitude.

Raise children’s awareness to respect our world and all that share it.

Encourage children to be effective communicators and know they have a voice; sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings with children and adults.

Nurture positive relationships with parents/carers to provide a rich and fulfilling learning environment for each and every child.

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