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Mr and Mrs Wilson Parents

Our son is happy at Little Trinity. The staff know him well and helped him to settle quickly. It’s a calm setting, where the children are encouraged to develop their skills through play and fun activities, as well as giving them responsibility where appropriate.

Laura Till Parent

As a mummy it was only natural I felt very anxious about her starting nursery as she has always been my little shadow but straight away I was put at ease by how lovely all the teachers are and how well she has settled in. Me and her daddy think it’s like a home from home and she is thriving. She loves everything about her nursery and gets so excited every day she goes.

Jon Turley Parent

When you look at a Reception Class, particularly in September, you can clearly see those who have passed through Miss Carter's Little Trinity; and those who have not. There is an excitement and anticipation in their faces, and a calmness to their demeanour that comes from the smooth transition from LTN into Holy Trinity. My little girl loved her time in LTN. My little boy is loving his time there now.

The staff are attentive, friendly, full of energy and kindness; and the rooms are vibrant and full of fun and learning. And that’s the great balance that they achieve. Children will be safe, well looked after and cared for. They'll also be opened up to the important skills of social interaction, the basics of reading and writing, and an early introduction to key disciplines and principles of school life. But, with all this, my little girl and boy always have fun. Lots of fun. They love LTN.

It’s a great place for your children to be.

Patricia Mitchell Parent

Friendly staff, routine and structure. Curriculum in place and activities undertaken with the children. Parent and staff working together - relationships. How the nursery is run.

Adena Smith Parent

We as a family love your daughter being part of Little Trinity as it is very much home from home. We love how the staff nurture her and give her cuddles when she needs them! Our daughter has made lots of new friends and has come on very quickly with speech and counting, she loves all the different activities she does each day.

Lou Rush Parent

The activities that the staff do with the kids, the trips etc. and the gift ideas for Mother's Day etc. The care towards the kids and tapestry on offer to help parents keep up to date with what their children are learning and doing while they are here.

A. Newton Parent

She says everything is her favourite thing at nursery, especially building with blocks. It is so nice for us to see positivity in the staff that look after our daughter. You all do really well. It is also good to see Gaynor leading by example.
Thank you to everyone.

Anna Simpson Parent

My daughter has really enjoyed her time here. She is always happy to go in and enjoys playing with her friends at nursery. As a parent I find all the staff really friendly, helpful and kind. I am really happy to have her here while I work. Nursery has great resources too.

Mrs Ellis-Evans Parent

Little Trinity is a welcoming, friendly, hardworking nursery. My children have enjoyed every classroom starting from Green Caterpillars to Red Ladybirds. The staff are extremely hardworking and always put the children first and ensure they have a great day every day.
Thank you.